Sewage Pipeline

Sewage Pipeline

Project - Cherrington Asia DDA sewage pipeline.

Sewage Pipeline

In another path breaking application by Amchem, we internally lined 48” Diameter sewage pipes for the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) using Purethane® 100% Solids High Build Polyurethane Coating. This section of the sewage pipe runs through a densely populated area where open trench laying was not a viable option. DDA therefore opted for the specialised Trenchless Auger Boring method to install the pipes.

The prime contractor, Cherrington Asia (India) Pvt. Ltd is considered the market leader in Trenchless Pipe Laying in the country. For some of the earlier jobs, concrete pipes were used with many attendant problems. These including cracking and the difficulty of installing the much heaver concrete pipes. Carbon steel pipes could not be considered earlier due the severely corrosive sewage environments as conventional liquid applied linings proved inadequate. In order for steel pipes to be used a high performance coating with a long term proven life in corrosive sewage environment was required. And additional factor was the extremely high abrasion of the heavy steel Auger rotating inside the pipes during installation.

Purethane® provided an ideal solution to be the problem and was specified for the job. Since the Supreme Court was monitoring the progress of the work the job had to be completed on an urgent basis and in the peak of the monsoon! At Amchem, a challenge is always welcome! Customised, automated internal blast cleaning and coating equipment was designed and built “in house” in a record 7 days!

The pipes were blast cleaned to SSPC SP-10 using Granulated Copper Slag to an Anchor profile of 75-100 microns. Immediately after the blast cleaning, the pipes were primed using Purethane® P-24 Primer. Thereafter they were lined with 1,000 microns nominal thickness of Purethane®. Throughout the operation great care was taken to offset the problems created by the high humidity and rainfall during the job.

Another first from Amchem with the satisfaction.

We will be happy to provide turnkey installation on your upcoming projects!


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