Buried Gas Pipeline

Buried Gas Pipeline

On Site application of Purethane on a 40" buried gas pipeline (HDD) in Uzbekistan
- December 1997

Buried Gas Pipeline

In a job done during November - December 1997 for Gasprom, Russia, Amchem Products supplied and applied Purethane® (sold as Zebron™ in USA and Canada ) on site in Uzbekistan for a 40" Buried Gas Pipeline.

The prime contractor M/s FAB GmbH ( part of the Koop Group from Holland, one of the leading international companies in the field of pipelines ) awarded the contract to Amchem in preference to competing suppliers from USA, Canada and Germany. Factors that influenced the selection of Purethane® for the job were :

  • Excellent impact and abrasion resistance.
  • Unsurpassed corrosion protection.
  • Excellent track record

Due to sooner than expected deterioration in the weather, the temperatures fell to -15° C. Presence of microscopic ice particles on the surface presented a serious risk to adhesion. Due to the remote location and the sheer magnitude of energy required , heating the 40" X 2,500 feet long pipe to +5° C became a major problem. It was solved in an ingenious way - using an aircraft jet engine !!!

The heated pipe was primed and coated to a nominal thickness of 1,000 microns using Purethane® - 100% Solids High Build Polyurethane Coating. The welded pipe was resting on rollers making the top and bottom areas difficult to access. Special attachments ( pole gun extensions with swivel tips) were used for the coating spray operation.

Due to the excellent cure characteristics of Purethane® , the pipeline could be shifted on the rollers within 24 hours of the coating operation - even at these temperatures ! Areas masked by the rollers were coated in a single day.

M/s Nacap Nederland B.V, did the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) for the pipe crossing under the river Amu Darya Nacap also faced the technical challenges posed by low temperatures ( the pumps and bentonite slurry face the risk of freezing ) but found corrective solutions and did a commendable job.

The pullhead, which was attached to the front end of the pipe, was rusty. After being pulled through about 2,500 feet, it was highly abraded, bright and shiny. There was no damage to the Purethane® coating. Even the edges of the coating, which were damaged by the welding operation, show no signs of lifting!

Purethane® is unsurpassed in protecting pipelines installed using the horizontal directional drilling and other trenchless methods.

We will be happy to provide turnkey installation on your upcoming projects!

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