Pipeline Rehabilitation

Pipeline Rehabilitation

Pioneering Pipeline Rehabilitation In India.
Project - Salaya Mathura Pipeline.

In the year 2008, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., chose 100% Solids Polyurethane Coatings to rehabilitate approx. 2 X 7.5 Kms of 24” Dia Chaksu – Mathura Section of the Salaya Mathura Pipeline. 100% Solids Polyurethane Coatings are the international coating of choice for Pipeline Rehabilitation and covered under NACE International, USA Technical Committee Report,Task Group T-10D-17/T-6A-63, dated July 1999 "Coatings for Repair and Rehabilitation of the External Coatings of Buried Steel Pipelines".

The pipeline was excavated and earth supports retained at approx. 8m intervals to avoid disruption in operation. The deteriorated coating was scraped manually from the pipeline and surface blast cleaned to SSPC SP-10 with 75+ Microns Anchor Profile using Granulated Copper Slag (single use). The pipes were coated with 1,250 Microns nominal thickness of Purethane®, 100% Solids Polyurethane Coating using state of the art plural component airless spray equipment from Graco Inc., USA. The coating sets in minutes and cures quickly. A single medium spray tip can spray about 120 Litre/ Hour or about 60 RM (running metre) / Hour of 24” Dia pipeline. The Graco equipment can support multiple tips (upto 5)

The applied coating is seamless, very strongly adhered to the surface, extremely tough and has very high electrical resistance. There are no “tenting” or air gaps over weld seams as in case of Tapes. Purethane® can operate at 90° C continuous & 121° C intermittent. Cold applied tapes however can only be used up to 49°C and are likely to sag in hot climates like India. Further the cold tapes are prone to soil stress damage. Purethane® on the other hand has excellent adhesion and can withstand soil stress.

Presently Purethane® PLX and NXT are recommended for pipeline rehabilitation due to their ability to withstand high Cathodic Protection currents required to protect adjacent poor and degraded coatings on the pipe.

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