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Pipeline External Coating

Purethane coating’s high electrical resistance combined with low Cathodic Disbondment, high impact and abrasion resistance make it an excellent choice for pipeline external coating. This combination of electrical resistance and mechanical strength in a single monolithic layer makes it unique amongst all pipeline coatings.

The variable chemistry of 100% Solids Polyurethanes allows customised formulation of pipeline coatings with properties dependent upon end user requirements. These range from instant set, unprimed, hard, shop applied coatings to primed, slower set, site applied coatings with very high impact and abrasion properties.

Purethane coating are spray applied, seamless monolithic coatings which cure rapidly even at low temperatures. No pre or post heating or after treatment is required. This makes them ideal for shop or site application as well as for pipeline rehabilitation.

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Mounded Bullets & Underground Steel Tanks External Coating

Purethane coatings are the industry standard for external coating of buried tanks such as Mounded LPG Bullets and buried fuel tanks. They have all the protection properties of an outstanding pipeline coating, combined with the ease of onsite spray application to large tanks.

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Tank Lining & Coating

Purethane coatings are totally resistant to oil and gas and many chemicals. Impressive results have been obtained using as an internal liner for bolted and welded steel wastewater tanks. Their elasticity and flexibility is specially recommended for concrete tanks and secondary containment where cyclic thermal expansion and contraction present severe problems for rigid coatings.

Purethane coatings are proven effective as floating top protection and anti skid surface for tank roofs. They are used frequently for the lining of acidic and caustic mud tanks, on-shore and off-shore. Purethane coatings have numerous applications for refinery complexes and liquid waste treatment facilities. When used as an external coating, they often eliminate the need for exotic metal construction.


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Oil & Gas
Did you Know?
100% Solids Polyurethane Coatings are recommended for external coating of new pipelines by leading international organisations such as AWWA and DIN / BS.
100% Solids Polyurethane Coatings have an estimated 55% market share worldwide of all products used for pipeline rehabilitation. This is growing rapidly due to the benefits provide by these coatings.
Featured Applications

Purethane Coatings can be applied on smaller pipe projects at the installation sites using portable, automated equipment.

Purethane Coatings reduce the current consumption for achieving protective potentials by a factor of 10 or more times after pipeline rehabilitation