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Power Generation

Cooling & Make Up Water Pipes

Purethane coatings have excellent salt water corrosion resistance (pass > 10,000 Hours Salt Spray Test) as well as outstanding impact and abrasion resistance making them the coating of choice of the power industry for lining Cooling Water (CW) and Make Up Water (MW) Pipelines. Robotic surface preparation and lining equipment allows high quality, uniform application on site. Smaller diameter pipes can optionally be lined at the pipe manufacturer’s coating shop.


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Concrete Cooling Towers

Concrete Natural Draught Cooling Towers (NDCT) and Induced Draught Cooling Towers (IDCT) represent a significant investment in Power Plants. The cooling water is often saline/ corrosive. Most coastal power plant use Seawater for cooling which is highly corrosive. The corroding ions reach the reinforcing steel of the concrete where the high volume of corrosion products leads to cracking and spalling of the concrete in a vicious cycle. Purethane Coatings effectively stop permeation of the corrosion ions into the concrete surface.


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Other Applications In Power Plants

Purethane coatings find use in condenser water boxes including Muntz metal tube-sheets, sea water steel pile and steel jacket, travelling screens and housing. Purethane coatings provide enduring protection to riveted / welded penstocks, tunnels and concrete spillways in hydroelectric plants. Purethane linings are ideal for water de-mineralizing systems and boiler feed-water treatment and holding tanks. They also protect coal hoppers, chutes and ash slurry pipelines from abrasive wear and corrosion.Flue gas desulphurization (FGD) systems have severe corrosion in many areas which can be arrested by coating with Purethane. They have also been used successfully to line stainless steel nuclear waste disposal containers.

Power Generation
Did you Know?
It costs a 1,000 MW Power Plant upwards of USD 1 Million per day of shutdown. This is very probable scenario if inferior coatings are used for lining the cooling pipes. There is virtually no possibility of relining in an operating plant.
Featured Applications

Amchem is the industry's leading Polyurethane Lining vendor for large diameter pipes (1.0m to 3.9m Dia) used for cooling water in the Power Industry.

Amchem has coated in excess of 4 Million Square Feet of Concrete Cooling Towers with Purethane Coatings.