Tank Lining & Coatings

Tank Lining & Coatings

Purethane coatings are totally resistant to oil and gas and many chemicals. Impressive results have been obtained using as an internal liner for bolted and welded steel wastewater tanks. Their elasticity and flexibility is specially recommended for concrete tanks and secondary containment where cyclic thermal expansion and contraction present severe problems for rigid coatings.Purethane coatings are proven effective as floating top protection and anti skid surface for tank roofs.


They are used frequently for the lining of acidic and caustic mud tanks, on-shore and off-shore. Purethane coatings have numerous applications for refinery complexes and liquid waste treatment facilities. When used as an external coating, they often eliminate the need for exotic metal construction.

Purethane is ideal for lining large diameter Crude Oil Storage tanks and can be applied in a single monolithic, fast setting coating to any desired thickness. Conventionally 100% Solids Epoxies have been used for this application. Epoxies are slow curing and have amine blush and associated inter-coat de-lamination problems.

Tank Lining & Coatings
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Critical properties of 100% Solids Polyurethane Coatings for this application are outstanding corrosion resistance, elasticity to withstand expansion / compression and ability to match the low (-27° C to - 43.5° C) design temperatures of the bullets.

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