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Potable Water

Cured Purethane Coatings are highly inert, unaffected by water, non-toxic, odour & tasteless and non-conducive to bacterial growth. They have a negligible leach rate of TOC (Total Organic Compound). Combined with their excellent corrosion protection, these features allow them to be used extensively in Potable Water production and transmission.

Purethane is finding extensive use in lining raw and potable water pipelines. Steel & concrete clarifiers & holding tanks in potable water production facilities are protected by lining with Purethane Coatings. Purethane lined elevated distribution water towers are easy to clean.

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Sewage Treatment

Sewage collection and treatment systems face very adverse conditions due to generation of Hydrogen Sulphide which combines with water vapour to produce Sulphuric Acid. The acid will corrode collection pipeline (crown areas), manholes and treatment plant structures like Digesters. The problem is acerbated by microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC).

Purethane coatings hold up very well to these environments. They have a long and successful track record in the sanitation industry.

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Public Utilities
Did you Know?
100% Solids Polyurethane Coatings are recommended by AWWA for internal lining and external coating of Potable Water Pipes...
Featured Project

Amchem has supplied coatings materials to line in excess of 100 Kms of Pipeline (upto 2.2m Dia) for Singapore PUB NEWater Project. This is perhaps the largest project in the world utilising 100% Solids Polyurethane Coating technology.